From the office of Steve Wilson
Location: Sydney, Australia
Subject: "High Quality Solo Ads That Convert To Sales"

"Get Your Special Deal On Solo Ads Right Now!"

I will deliver high quality clicks for your solo ad offer. My customers are making sales. Check out what my customers are saying about my solos:

There are 2 types of solo ads available in the market place right now.

The first type is Cheap and the second is High Quality.

Cheap traffic is easy to find. You can buy it everywhere. But is this really the traffic you want to build your business with?

How Can You Easily Identify Cheap "Poor Quality" Traffic?

  • The cost per click is generally less than $0.40.
  • You receive low Tier 1 traffic. 50%-70%.
  • You get what you paid for.
  • Low Opt-in rates

"Avoid Low Opt-In Rates Like Those Below"

I purchase a lot of traffic in order to build my list. I've found my share of poor traffic. How would you feel if you bought over 2,000 clicks and got ZERO opt-ins?

It happened to me and it can happen to you. This is why you will not be buying poor quality traffic from me.

"I'll Send You My Highest Quality Traffic!"

I want you to get magnificent results and I want you to come back for more traffic. It makes good business sense.

Why Should You Buy My Traffic?

  1. My traffic converts well.
  2. Over delivery. I will send you at least 10% more clicks than you purchase.
  3. I Will send statistics after your solo is complete.
  4. New subscribers added daily, only pay for UNIQUE clicks!
  5. Very active list for Internet Marketing & Make Money Online niche markets.
  6. I'll create a FREE squeeze page for your campaign if you don't have one. Just ask me for details.

"Custom Sales Funnels Upon Request"

Upon request, we can create a Custom Sales Funnel for your offer. We create the opt-in form specifically designed to get the highest quality of opt-ins. I mean, subscribers who are actually looking for what you are offering.

After they opt in your prospect is taken to a "Custom Landing Page" to watch a video promoting your business opportunity. For those who like the what they see we ask them to complete a questionaire and the results are sent to you by email.

Take this example of a recent case study which was set up for a "High Ticket Product" and returned amazing results.

We sent 329 solo ad clicks through our custom sales funnel. We received 184 opt ins (much more than we expected) and we received 36 email requests from people asking to join this particular program. These requests incude the prospects name, country, email, skype ID, Facebook ID, how much money they have available to invest in their new business, why they want to join and how commissted they are on a scale of 1-10.

Do you think you could maybe get a few sales from people sending you this information, telling you why they want to join and how much money they have available right now to invest?

We would love to get YOU amazing results
like this for your business.

36 Email Requests To Join Exitus!

Email Requests To Join MOBE!

Facebook Requests To Join!

We can create a custom sales funnel for any program. Ask for details.

"Two Pricing Structures To Suit Your Budget"

"We Can Handle Orders Up To 5,000 Clicks"

"Standard Traffic"

My Standard Traffic is low cost for those on a tight budget. I'll deliver a minimum of 85% Tier 1 countries. Tier 1 countries are USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

For example, if you order 100 clicks of Standard Traffic you will receive at least 85 Tier 1 clicks. The rest will be from other countries.

"Premium Traffic"

My Premium Traffic is of the highest quality. I'll deliver 100% Tier 1 traffic giving you more opt-ins and more sales. 100% of your traffic is from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

For example, if you order 100 clicks of Premium Traffic you will receive at least 100 Tier 1 clicks. I always over deliver by at least 10% so you will receive some clicks for free.

"You will always receive at least 10%
more clicks than you pay for."

Additional Notes: Please read before ordering.

  1. Once payment is made please contact me via the Confirmation page. (Send your squeeze page URL/Tracking Link & swipe if you have one.)
  2. I cannot guarantee conversions on solo ads. It is up to you to have a good converting offer/sales funnel.
  3. I only accept offers in the Make Money Online (MMO) and Internet Marketing (IM) niche.
  4. I reserve the right to refuse any offer. If in doubt, please send me your url before ordering. Full refund if order is refused.
  5. There are NO REFUNDS on completed solo ad runs. All sales are final.

Ready to Rock?

  • Select your preferred start date below and choose your package.
  • Enter your tracking URL and your custom swipe (optional)
  • Complete your transaction.
  • Confirmation will be sent to you by email within 24 hours.
  • Check your email Inbox and Junk Folder for my email contacting you about your order.

    Delivery time is based on the size of your order and we can discuss this
    before you place your order.

    Contact us here for other payment options.

    You can contact me HERE if you have not received my reply within 24 hours. Check your email Inbox and Junk Folder for my email contacting you about your order.

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